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Saturday, February 11, 2017

As Board exams are coming and many parents and student are still confused about future study plans.
Still there is enough time to find out better course for students.

Parents should always remember to understand educational inclination of their ward. This can be understood by studying the typical behavior or hobby pattern of each child.
If you are not sure then it is always advised to have an aptitude test of student. Now a days schools also conduct these tests. In case if the school has not take any such test parents can always contact private institutes or experts.

This test is about 2 to 3 hours duration. It helps to understand student's inclination toward a particular subject or course. It helps parents to guide their child in a proper way.

A student may have different thinking as compare to his/her parents. Some time after loss of time and large sum of money we find that course selected was not suitable for student. It happened in case of my daughter. After B.Com. I asked her to join CS. She joined, but her nature was quite different than the one required for CS. After spending Rs.40,000/- and six months she told that she is not fit for this course. Later she joined MBA course in Event Management and succeeded in her course. She is now working in Delhi, and successful in her career.

Aptitude test can not be 100% correct but it does help student and parents to find a common path as far as further studies are concern.(it happened in case of my daughter. Even experts were not able to pin point a particular course. Whereas in case of my son the test gave pin point decision and he is a successful engineer.)

As far as courses are concerned, with the help of internet one can find out nearest institutions offering selection of courses.

There are many websites which can help to find out courses. All one has to do is search through any search engines available like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. type your required information there,
                                 e.g. management courses in Banglore.
You mention the course and city where you want to do the course and you will get addresses of websites providing required information.

Many websites are monitored by institutes also. If you provide your telephone number and course details you start getting phone calls from PROs of such institutes. I had this experience when I was searching for institutes for my other daughter.

In Mumbai Govt. of Maharashtra also arranges for aptitude test at Vocational Guidance Center, Dhobi Talao, Near Metro Talkies. I think many other states may have such facilities.
These tests should be done before the results and after the exams. Usually such test are taken after first semester in class X or XII.
So it is still time to plan a test for your child..

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