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Online resources have made an entire revolution in education, not only because they are convenient and accessible, but because they make the entire process of teaching and learning more interesting and memorable. There are free and paid online resources for college students and they usually complement one another quite well. Each student will prefer different resources according to their subjects of interest and learning style, but there are universally great tools that impress nearly every student who tries them.
In order to help college students locate the best online resources that will make their lives easier, we tailored a list of 15 most useful links that offer exactly what they need for achieving good grades.

1. The Rapid E-Learning Blog (Articulate Network)

Tom Kuhlmann is a blogger who shares practical tips all students can benefit from. The blog offers up-to-date information on different education-related topics that will help you become an e-learning pro. The discussions under each post are also very valuable, so don’t forget to read the comments and join the community.

2. Atrixware E-Learning Solutions Blog

Atrixware is a company that has developed a great online learning management system that enables students to create great presentations easily. However, the really valuable resource is the blog section of this website, where you can read fresh information about the most popular and most useful e-learning tools.

3. Social Media Tools for College Students at NinjaEssays

NinjaEssays lists useful educative social media tools that will motivate you to learn new things each day by making the studying process easier and more fun. This is a very valuable resource that will help you advance your education and improve your learning skills.  With the usage of these tools, the entire classroom will be more effective and motivated.

4. Saylor

The Saylor Foundation started with a very simple, honest, and strong idea: to make education free for everyone. If you are looking for free classes on all sorts of subjects, this is the place where you can find them.

5.Study Guide Zone

Although the website looks outdated, Study Guide Zone is a great place for free resources for any student who is looking for a way to improve the scores on a standardized test. The website offers study exams for SAT, ACT, and GED among many other tests.


 6. Getting Smart

Getting Smart is one of the most passionate learning-focused communities on the web. The website will lead you to ways and resources that will increase your studying effectiveness.

7. Compass Learning

Compass Learning is a website that helps teachers understand the strengths, motivations, and needs of every student so they can personalize their approach to different types of learners. CompassLearning Odyssey is a product that assesses the needs and strengths of a student and then prescribes a learning path according to his/her individual characteristics.

8. KnowledgeNet

This is the website you should visit whenever you need useful sources that will help you understand the lectures of IT-related subjects.

9. Coursera

This is one of the most valuable learning resources on the web. Students can find free courses provided by prestigious universities. Almost all courses are offered, including humanities, computer science, business, mathematics, biology, and more. This website is necessary for all students who want to expand their knowledge on a subject or find information they will use for their school projects.

10. Alison

Alison.com is a website founded with a noble goal: to enable anyone to receive free education of high quality. All you need is a will to learn new things and this website will provide you with all necessary tools.

11. E-Learning Center

This comprehensive website will provide you with learning resources relevant to the subjects of Web Development and IT. Although some of the content is accessible only through paid subscription, there are also free resources that can be enough for you to advance your knowledge in these subjects.

12. FindTutorials.com

This website collects useful tutorials from across the web, so you will find literally anything you need there. The best thing about FindTutorials.com is that the users vote on the quality of all offered tutorials, so you will know which links are worth clicking on.

13. Course Buffet

This search engine will lead you to open courseware accessible from different websites. This will save you from going from one source to another without finding what you need.

14. Open Culture

The content offered on this website is not only useful for your school project, but your personal intellectual development as well. Open Culture delivers content from many different topics, from writing tips and literature characters to world history and wars.
One of the greatest benefits of the Internet technology is that now everyone has access to the information they need. The website listed above can offer great help for all students who want to advance their knowledge or make the process of studying and writing papers easier.


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Top 40 Commerce Colleges in India - 2015 
Posted by: Meera Muley Updated: Monday, March 7, 2016, 11:02 [IST] 
Science, Art and Commerce are considered as the three primary stream in academics. 
 Of the three, Commerce as a subject has made a significant mark as it promises wide-spread opportunities in India and various international countries for those who pursue undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Enormous growth in industrialisation and growth of service sector has inturn led to increase employment opportunities to a greater extent for students from commerce stream. Business studies, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Accountancy, etc are some of the major courses which provides ample opportunities. Many colleges in India offers commerce programme, out of which some of the best colleges have been shortlisted based on the survey, conducted on various criteria. 
According to India Today-Nelson Survey the Top 40 Commerce colleges in India are as follows:
Top 40 Commerce Colleges in India - 2015
College                                                        Location
 1 Shri Ram College                                                                        Delhi 
2 Lady Shri Ram College                                                                Delhi 
3 Loyola College                                                                            Chennai 
4 Christ University                                                                          Bengaluru 
5 Hindu College                                                                              Delhi 
6 Hansraj College                                                                           Delhi 
7 Stella Maris College                                                                     Chennai 
8 Symbiosis College                                                                        Pune  
9 St. Josephs College                                                                      Bengaluru 
10 Mithibai College                                                                         Mumbai 
11 Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce                              Delhi 
12 Sri Venkateshwara College                                                         Delhi 
13 Jesus Mary College                                                                    Delhi 
14 Ramjas College                                                                          Delhi 
15 Indraprastha College for Women                                                Delhi 
16 Kristu Jayanti College                                                                 Bengaluru 
17 Goenka College                                                                         Kolkata 
18 Madras Christian College                                                           Chennai 
19 St. Francis College for Women                                                   Hyderabad 
20 KJ Somaiya College                                                                   Mumbai 
21 Shri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College                                         Bengaluru 
22 GGDSD College,                                                                       Sector 32 Chandigarh 
23 Ethiraj College for Women                                                         Chennai 
24 St. Wilfred Group of Colleges                                                    Jaipur 
25 KPB Hinduja College                                                                Mumbai 
26 National P.G. College                                                                Lucknow 
27 Womens Christian College                                                         Chennai 
28 Sacred Heart College                                                                Kochi 
29 Shaheed Bhagat Singh College                                                   Delhi 
30 Delhi College                                                                             Delhi 
31 Seshadripuram College                                                              Bengaluru 
32 Indian Institute of Management and Commerce                          Hyderabad 
33 JD Birla Institute                                                                        Kolkata 
34 Gargi College                                                                            Delhi 
35 Shri Shikshayantan College                                                        Kolkata 
36 KC College                                                                               Mumbai 
37 SGTB Khalsa College                                                                Delhi 
38 DAV College,                                                                            Sector 20 Chandigarh 
39 Guru Nanank College                                                                 Chennai 
40 HL College of Commerce                                                           Ahmedabad

Read more at: http://www.careerindia.com/top-40-commerce-colleges-in-india-2015-018.html
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Apparenticeship for sucessfull ITI trainees at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai.
Last date : 14.10.16

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Subject: Walk-in-Interview on 19th,20th & 21st September.
Walk-in-Interview on 19th,20th & 21st September 2016 at National Consumer Helpline, IIPA for Counsellor, Research Officer Statistics and Sector Experts

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